4 days in Auvergne volcanoes with a donkey - 3 nights in hotel

Self guided trip 4 days/3 nights
Hiking with a donkey in a self guided trip and the confort of hotel nights. In the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Volcanoes of Auvergne, take time to share with your family or with your friends, real authentic moments. Go and discover this fabulous area, at the slow pace of your valiant companion who will carry your food for lunch and your bags. Your walking days will be both easy and fun, in harmony with this preserved nature. Great to fill-up your energy in this land of contrasts.

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  • Day 1:

    Pessade - Orcival

    3h30 walking - Hotel / 8,82 km/ Elevation : + 99 m / - 396 m

    Meeting betwenn 11 am and 12 am in Pessade (follow the signs "rando- âne" in the village from the large parking lot, where you can leave your vehicle at the entrance of the village). For those who cannot begin the journey in the morning, contact us for an early afternoon arrival. It is in this small village that your donkey is waiting for you. Hike to reach Servières Lake, a lovely little crater lake a few thousand years old, followed by a gentle descent with beautiful landscapes to reach the village of Orcival.
    Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

    For groups less than 4 people, the donkey who will carry all your luggages (be careful, donkeys cannot carry more than 40 kilos, you will be limited in weight : 12 kg / pers).

    For groups - 4 people or more - before your hike, remember to leave your luggages at the hotel Orcival this first day because this trasfert is not included in the price (wayback by car, 15 minutes).

    Possibility for this first day, to hire the services of a mountain tour leader who will help you for few hours to read the map (essential to follow a route). He will also explain how to deal with the donkey ... all this in order to make the best of your stay (More information further for these extra costs).

  • Day 2:

    Orcival - Laschamps

    Overnight in hotel or guest house / Hiking time : 5 hrs / 15.5 km / Elevation : + 455 m / - 347 m

    Bucolic day between pastures and small mountain hamlets. Today, you will be in the heart of the Chaîne des Puys and walk up to Laschamps village, passing by the Twin Puys of "La Vache" and "Lassolas", among the youngest cones of this slice of more than 80 volcanoes ....
    Night hotel in Laschamps, under the benevolent gaze of the giant Domes.

  • Day 3:

    Laschamps - Aydat lake (or La Cassière lake)

    Overnight in hotel or guest house / Hiking time : 3 to 4 h / 7,5 to 11,6 km / Elevation : + 100 m / - 220 m

    Departure from your place to join by the "Cheires" (lava flow) Aydat Lake, or La Cassière Lake.
    Possibility of swimming (in the protected bathing area).
    Night in a hotel room at Lake Aydat or Lake La Cassière.

  • Day 4:

    Aydat lake (or La Cassière lake) - Pessade

    Hiking time : 4 to 5 hrs / 11,4 to 15,5 km / Elevation : + 395 m / - 75 m

    On your last day of hiking, you will go up to the village of Pessade, through the Narse d'Espinasse, a real little jewel and relic of the ice age.


The journey can be changed for reasons of safety, weather or unforeseen circumstances. Events beyond our control may change the course: change of accommodation (if the chosen accommodation is full at time of booking), cut roads, rivers in flood, strikes, local festivals ... "Aluna Travel" will always make every effort to provide the best solution, even changing the course.


Running time or activity

Days offer 4 to 5 hours per day

Consecutive days of hiking

4 days  of activities, suitable for families with children.

Elevation / Altitude / Terrain

Little vertical drop on easy terrain

Carrying during your hike

From 1 to 3 people, the donkey will carry all your belongings, so plan travel bags and not suitcases, with a weight not exceeding 12 kg per person.
If you want more comfort, we can transport your luggage by taxi : luggage transport package Day 2 and Day 3 by taxi : 120 €.

For families or groups of friends over 3 people, your travel bags (or suitcases) will be transported by taxi Day 2 and Day 3.
On the first day, you will have to drop off your luggage in the first hotel in Orcival before starting hiking.
On the last day, you will have to pick up your luggage from the last hotel at the end of your hike.

Donkey (s)

The donkey will carry your small backpacks with personal belongings of the day as well as your picnics (max 30 kg).
For any additional donkey on the stay :  280 €.

Climatic environment

Mountain climate pleasant to interseason and hot in summer. Evenings can be cool.


Easy trip accessible to anyone in good health.

Experience required

No specific experience, walk regularly and have the pleasure of the effort.

Dates & prices

April to October

Price for adults and teenagers from 12 years old :
  • 1 person in the group :  935 €/pers
  • 2 people in the group :  570 €/pers
  • 3 people in the group :  475 €/pers
  • 4 people in the group :  470 €/pers
  • 5 people in the group :  455 €/pers
  • 6 people in the group :  430 €/pers
  • 7 et 8 people in the group :  415 €/pers

  • Child under 12 years old : Reduction of 100 € on the price above.
  • Single room with a supplement of 110 €/pers.

Additional donkey during the stay : 280 €. 
1 taxi for luggage is provided on Day 2 and Day 3, for families or groups of friends from 4 people at no extra charge.

If taxi needed for the transport of luggage Day 2 and Day 3, for group of less than 4 people, taxi package = 120 €. 

Option first day with a mountain tour leader : 215 €. 
Option first half day with a mountain tour leader : 140 €.
For single-parent families, if you have no previous experience of staying with a donkey, you must do this trip with a guide for the first 1/2 day or day, because we will not let a single parent leave with his or her children.

If you arrive the day before we can reserve a hotel for you the day before departure in Orcival :
  • Half-board adult or teenager from 12 years old in a double or family room = 82 €/pers
  • Half-board child under 12 years old in parents' room = 42 €/child

During summer time, you can spend the night in Finnish kota or caravan in Pessade :
  • Night in kota for adult  : 25 €/night
  • Night in kota for Child under 12 years  : 20 €/night
Provide a comfort sleeping bag +5° for the night or as an option : duvet KIT which is €6 extra per person (which includes a duvet with cover + a bath towel and a hand towel per person).
Shared toilets.
Possibility to order catering meals : You must add to these costs, a package of 24 €/delivery.
  • Evening meal + breakfast : 30 €/adult and 21 €/child under 12
  • Dinner / Breakfast / Lunch box, delivered to kota : 39 €/adult and 27 €/child under 12
  • Overnight Half board with dinner and breakfast : 54 €/adult and 39 €/child under 12 years
  • Night in full board with 3 meals : 63 €/adult and 46 €/child under 12 years

Our price includes


Full board from dinner on Day 1 to lunch on Day 4.


For 1 to 3 people, the donkey will carry all your belongings during your trip.
For families or groups of friends - 4 people or more - your bags will be transported by taxi Day 2 and Day 3, while the donkey will carry your small backpacks with personal belongings of the day as well as your lunch. Only 1 bag max weight 12 kg/pers will be transported by taxi. 

Donkey (s) 

1 donkey provided. Additional donkey during the stay : 280 €. 


Maps and road book for logistical information but also for naturalist and cultural information. 


Hotel and lodging.

Our price does not include 


Drinks and personal extras. Meals not mentioned above.

Transport and donkey (s)

Travel to the meeting place.
Package luggage transport by taxi for families under 4 people Day 2 and Day 3 : 120 €.
No luggage transport on days 1 and 4. The first day, you drop your luggage at the Orcival hotel before your hike. On the last day, before the hike, leave your luggage at the hotel; you will pick them up at the end of your hike.
Extra donkey for the stay : 280 €.

Tour leader option

Option first day with a mountain tour leader : 215 €. 
Option first half day with a mountain tour leader : 140 €. 


Paying entries in the parks, sites and museums not included in the program.


Insurance Cancellation, Luggage, Interruption and Repatriation : 4.90% of the price of your trip. 

Registration fee

  • 30 days or more before departure : 12 €/pers.
  • Less than 30 days before departure : 20 €/pers
  • For any tailor-made trip : 30 € + 12 €/pers

Practical info


Public transportation : In order to limit your CO2 emissions, we encourage you to use public transport to get to Clermont-Fd train or bus station. 
From Clermonttrain or bus station to Pessade, about € 70/taxi ride on weekdays and about € 100/taxi ride on Sundays and public holidays. 

For information, transport to/from Clermont-Fd - Pessade (60 km A/R). 

By car : 30 km (40 mn) from Clermont-ferrand.
Take the N89 in the direction of Mont Dore, then at the Ventouse pass, turn left (dir Besse) then 500 m further on the right on the D5. At Zanière, turn right until Pessade.


3 nights in hotel ** or in bed and breakfast.
Your room will be available from 5 pm and must be vacated by 10 am.


You will have breakfast at the hotel and at the lodge. The pack lunch will be transported by your donkey. Evening meals are served in the hotel's restaurant and at the lodge.

Recommended equipment

A small backpack containing

  • Hat or cap
  • Pair of sunglasses
  • Rain cape or a K-Way windbreaker or better a Gore-Tex jacket
  • Toilet paper
  • Small personal first aid kit (aspirin, plaster, elastoplast, ...)
  • Tupperware with cutlery for picnics and a gourd
  • Plastic bags to wrap business in bad weather

For your evening luggage

For donkey transportation : only soft bags (no suitcase) and maximum weight 12 kg/pers.
For taxi transportation : only 1 bag/pers (max weight 12 kg/pers). 
  • Canvas or jogging pants
  • Pair of tennis or other for the evening
  • Polar fur
  • Spare clothing and underwear
  • Swiming suit
  • Toilet kit with a bath towel 


  • Pair of lightweight walking shoes, preferably already used, or, for sensitive feet, a good pair of reinforced tennis shoes