Picking up edible plants and make wild gastronomy

5 days of discovery of wild edible plants
5 days of discoveries, of gatherings for gourmet preparations with the wild edible plants of Auvergne.
Christophe Anglade, co-author of the practical guide "Edible plants, pickings and recipes of the 4 seasons" (Ed. Debaisieux) will make us discover how nature is generous for those who know some of its secrets. Nights in group lodging (double or single room) on the shore of La Cassière lake at 900 m altitude.

  • Wild edible plants with Aluna voyages in Auvergne
    Wild salad with edible plants
  • Discovery and use of wild edible plants with Aluna Voyages
    wild gastronomy
  • Cooking with wild edible plants with Aluna Voyages
    Elderberry jar
  • picking up edible plants in Auvergne with Aluna Voyages
    Gathering wild plants in France
  • Discovery and cooking of wild edible plants with Aluna Voyages
    Cooking in Auvergne with Aluna Voyages
  • Gathering and wild gastronomy with Aluna Voyages in Auvergne
  • Discovery of plants and their uses with Aluna Voyages in Auvergne
    wild garlic
  • Day 1:

    La Cassière lake

    2 to 3 hours of walk and pickings / Night in group lodging (2 pers / room)

    Meeting at 2 pm at the lodge : "Entre Lacs et Volcans" (Lac de La Cassière) for a first discovery of our environment. For those arriving by train, appointment at the station of Clermont at 1 pm (no supplement for a lift at this time). For Information, Clermont-Ferrand / La Cassière = 17 km.
    In the afternoon, around the village, you will take your first steps in the middle of this wild and authentic nature ; Picking, preparation and dinner.

  • Day 2:

    La Cassière - Guéry lake - La Cassière

    4 hours of walk and pickings / Night in group lodging (2 pers / room)

    In the morning, transfer to Lac du Guéry, the highest lake in Auvergne with an unrivaled biodiversity and breathtaking scenery. Throughout forests and meadows, along the way, nature reveals to us some of its mysteries.

  • Day 3:

    La Cassière – Servière lake – La Cassière

    4 hours of walk and pickings / Night in group lodging (2 pers / room)

    In the morning transfer to Lake Servière. Even today, we will discover environments conducive to a benevolent nature and rich in wild flavors. Possibility to refresh yourself at the lake.

  • Day 4:

    La Cassière – Chaine Des Puys – La Cassière

    4 hours of walk and pickings / Night in group lodging (2 pers / room)

    In the morning, a short transfer in the middle of the Regional Nature Park of the Auvergne Volcanoes, on the Chaîne des Puys which is more and more discovered to our eyes. Throughout forests and meadows, along the way, nature reveals to us some of its mysteries.
    Here again we find places preserved, filled with a great ecological diversity.

  • Day 5:

    La Cassière

    2 to 3 hours of walk and pickings

    Last short hike on the Puy de Combegrasse.
    This last morning can also be devoted to the exchanges or the final preparations that you will bring home. Dispersion of the group at the end of the morning.
    For those who arrived by train, descent to Clermont-Ferrand station around noon, at the end of the stay, so as to be at the station for 1 pm (no extra charge for this schedule).


The program may be modified for safety, weather or unforeseen reasons. Events beyond our control can modify the routes : cut roads, rivers in flood, strikes, local festivals ... "Aluna Voyages" and its staff, will always do everything that can be possible to bring the best solution, even by modifying the itineraries.


Walking or Activity Time

The days offer 3 to 5 hours of activity per day ; They are interspersed with breaks.

Consecutive Days of Activities

5 days of walking, gathering, "wild gastronomy" and observation of nature

Problems for Walking

Low elevation on easy trails. 

Carrying Bag ? 

Only the personal belongings of the day. 

Weather Conditions

The mountain climate is pleasant in spring and autumn ; a little warmer in summer. The evenings are cool.

Experience Required

No specific experience. Easy travel, accessible to any healthy person wanting to discover wild flavors and some mysteries of nature.

Dates & prices
From To Price Status
On sale
On sale
Groups are composed of 3 to 8 people maximum. 

If you are a group of friends, it is possible to privatize this stay on the date you want and on the duration you want (on special quotation). Possibility for custom travel (on special estimate) from one to several days in your area to know the plants around you.

Price per person: 645 € (rate based on rooms for 2 people).
Possibility of single rooms with a supplement of 90 € / pers.

Stay guaranteed with only 2 people in the group, adding a supplement of 60 € / pers.

Our price includes


Naturalist and mountain tour leader, specialized in edible wild plants for up to 8 participants.


Group lodging in a room from 1 to 2 persons.


Full board from dinner 1 to breakfast 5.


During the stay to the places of activities and transportation from Clermont-Ferrand railway station for the schedule indicated in the program.

Various equipment

First aid kit.

Our price does not include


Drinks and personal extras. Breakfast and lunch on day 1, as well as lunch and dinner on the last day.


Transportation to Clermont-Ferrand or to the hotel on the first day.


Entrance fees to the parks, sites and museums not included in the program. 
Insurance Cancellation, Luggage, Interruption and Repatriation : 3.95% of the price of your trip.
Compulsory registration fee : 15 € per 

Practical info


Nights in group lodging, by the Lake of La Cassière, in a mountain area (alt : 900 m). Entre lacs et volcans  : 6 rue Roland Brousse - La Cassière / 63970 AYDAT (Tel: +33 4 73 87 30 36). 
Rates are based on 2 person rooms with bathroom or single room (without supplement but with bathroom on the landing).


 For all meals, supplementary purchases are made in the grocery stores and in the markets of the surrounding villages, making maximum use of products made on farms. The majority of these producers have the "Organic" label. Lunch is prepared as lunch box ; The evening meals are warm and elaborate based on our picking.


You will share this beautiful week of discovery with one of the authors of the guide book "Edible plants, pickings and recipes of the 4 seasons" (Ed. Debaisieux). Christophe Anglade, mountain tour leader and naturalist will make you discover how nature is generous for who knows its secrets.

How to get there ?

In order to limit your CO2 emissions, use public transportation to get to Clermont-Ferrand train station.

By train : Meeting point at 1 pm in front of the train station of Clermont-Ferrand.

Return : Descent to Clermont-Ferrand station at 1 pm.

The schedule of the trains is to be checked imperatively on : www.voyagessncf.com
For another schedule from Clermont station to La Cassière, it's about 40 € / taxi ride during the week and around 60 € / taxi ride on Sundays and public holidays. For information, the one way travel between Clermont-Fd and La Cassière is 17 km.

By car : 17 km (20 mn) from Clermont-ferrand. Take the N89 towards Bordeaux. Gîte "Entre Lakes and Volcanoes" - 6 rue Roland Brousse - La Cassière - 63970 AYDAT 
If you come by car : Meeting at 2 pm directly at the lodging. 

Before & after your stay

Contact us if you wish to discover our region before or after the stay. We will be happy to arrange a program adapted to your desires or simply to reserve you accommodation. 

Recommended equipment

A small backpack containing

Essential :

  • 1 water bottle or a "camel bag" 
  • 1 knife and cutlery, plus a canvas bag for picking
  • Cup
  • Tupperware type box for lunch salads

Strongly advised : 

  • A hat or a cap
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • A rain cape A K-Way windbreaker or better a Gore-Tex jacket
  • Toilet paper
  • A first aid kit (aspirin, plaster, elastoplast, ...)
  • Plastic bags to wrap your things in case of bad weather
  • A camera 
  • A pair of binoculars

For the evenings (for information only) :

  • Trousers or jogging 
  • A pair of sport shoes or other for the evening
  • Polar fleece Clothing
  • Several underwear 
  • A swimsuit for possible swimming
  • Toilet kit with bath towel for bathing

For your feet : 

  • A pair of walking shoes and preferably already used, or for sensitive feet, a good pair of sport shoes reinforced.
  • Some pairs of socks