Vineyards, villages and volcanoes of the Arverne country

Self-guided trip 6 days / 5 nights
This self guided trip can be done all year round. You will pass by lakes and volcanoes, but you'll also stop in small winemaking villages. On this easy hike, you will jump back in time. in the land of French ancestors : the Gauls of Auvergne, the "Arvernes". You will be seduced by the softness and the roundness of these small volcanoes, from where an impregnable view will be offered to you every day.
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  • chambre d'hôte Montpeyroux
  • chambre d'hôte Montpeyroux
  • Day 1:


    Overnight in hotel

    Arriving in Clermont-Ferrand, you will do the checking at your hotel.
    If you arrive not too late, you can visit the centre of the city with his black cathedral build with lava stone.
    Night at your hotel in Clermont-Ferrand.

  • Day 2:

    Clermont-Ferrand - Gergovie - St Amant or St Saturnin

    Night in a Bed & Breakfast / 13 km / walking time 4.30 h / Elevation : + 289m / - 536m

    In the morning, short taxi transfer to reach the Gergovie plateau.
    Gergovie, place of the famous battle which opposed the great chief of the Arvernes "Vercingetorix" and the head of the Roman Empire, the great "Caesar". You can visit Gergovie's house to learn more about all the secrets of this legendary battle.
    You will reach the St Saturnin village or St Amant village to spend the night.

  • Day 3:

    St Amant - Aydat Lake or La Cassière Lake

    Night in Hotel or Cottage Hotel / 16.5 km / walking time 5.00 h / Elevation : + 587 m / - 193 m

    Through the country paths, you will evolve on the old lava flows of the young volcanoes of the Chaîne des Puys.
    These volcanoes, only 8500 years old, naturally gave birth to two lakes, Aydat and Cassière. It's close to one or the other, that you will spend this evening.

    Option : Possibility to spend an extra night here (Aydat or La Cassière) to climb the two volcanoes "La Vache" and "Lassolas" (Distance : between 18 km / walking time : 5 hours / Elevation : + 389 / - 385).

  • Day 4:

    Aydat Lake or La Cassière Lake - St Amand or St Saturnin

    Night in a Bed & Breakfast / around 19 km / walking time 5 to 6 h / Elevation : + 250 m / - 690 m

    Today, you will walk down and leave the cool of the lakes. Hiking between meadow, pine forest and oaks.
    You'll walk on a bucolic territory where meadow and granite blocks are so many surprising landscapes conducive to photography.
    The villages and hamlets are still strong witness to this rural life.
    During the evening at the medieval village of St Saturnin, a detour through its romanesque church of the 12th century is highly recommended ...

  • Day 5:

    St Amant Tallende - St Saturnin - Montpeyroux

    Night in a Bed & Breakfast / 18 km (or 17 km from St Saturnin) / walking time : 5 h / Elevation : + 515 m / - 498m

    A medieval village can hide another!
    Through orchards and vineyards, you will visit the small winegrower villages, steeped in history linked to this forgotten heritage. Today's winemakers are keen to revive it with love and respect for nature.
    When you arrive in Montpeyroux, Yvan Bernard, a wine specialist in the village, will be able to help you discover this gastronomic heritage ... Of course, to drink ... with moderation... or not!
    The whole village is built in Arkoze, this blond stone quarried from the village.
    Night in this beautiful village (Label "most beautiful village of France"), under the benevolence of its tower of the 13th century.

  • Day 6:

    Montpeyroux - Longues - Clermont Ferrand

    End of your stay / 11 km / walking time : 3 h / Elevation : + 180 m / - 307 m

    Last stage of your journey in Arverne Country.
    You will cross the river "Allier", by the suspension bridge to take a little height. View of Montpeyroux and in the background the Massif du Sancy.
    You join the train station Longues and your train to regain Clermont-Ferrand.


The journey can be changed for reasons of safety, weather or unforeseen circumstances. Events beyond our control may change the course: change of accommodation (if the chosen accommodation is full at time of booking), cut roads, rivers in flood, strikes, local festivals ... "Aluna Travel" will always make every effort to provide the best solution, even changing the course.


Walking time or activity

Days offer 4 to 6 hours per day.

Consecutive days of activities

6 days.


Luggage’s transportation as option.

Climatic environment

Climate pleasant to temperate all year. Winter can be cold.

Engagement for this hike

Hiking average, walking on trails without technical difficulty. Mountain trails, forest roads, very few roads.

Experience required

A sporting activity 1-2 hours per week, walking regularly and 2 months before your departure, strengthen high endurance 2 times per week.
Dates & prices

Journey available all year round / Self guided trip : choose your date in 2024

2 people travelling together (B&B)


  • Room for 2 people :  365 €/pers 
  • Single room : 555 €/pers    

Luggage transport

  • Room for 2 people : 525 €/pers 
  • Single room : 715 €/pers 

Traveling alone (B&B)


  • Single room : 625 €/pers 

Luggage transport

  • Single room : 945 €/pers 

Special rates for 3 people traveling together (B&B)

1 double room + 1 single room


  • Room for 2 people : 355 €/pers 
  • Room 3rd person : 495 €/pers 

Luggage transport

  • Room for 2 people : 475 €/pers 
  • Room 3rd person : 595 €/pers 

Extra cost

Extra cost for taxi if the day 2 is a Sunday or a public holiday
  • Supplement of €45/person for 1 person traveling alone
  • Supplement of €25/person for 2 people traveling together
  • Supplement of €20/person for 3 people traveling together
  • Supplement of €15/person for 4 people traveling together

Half board formula from day 2 to day 5 (4 dinners) : Extra cost of 140 €/pers.

Option : 1 more day - Hiking to the twin volcanoes of La Vache and Lassolas (return : 10 to 15  km)
Day 4 : Extra night at Aydat or La Cassière lake (B&B) 
  • Double room : 60 €/pers  
  • Single : 100 €

Extra night in Clermont Ferrand (B&B) :
  • Double room : 60 €/pers
  • Single : 90 €

Our price includes


In rooms of 2 persons in Hotel **, group lodgings, or guest rooms comfortable and warm.
Supplement single if chosen option.


Only breakfasts from the day 2 to the breakfast of the day 6. If you take the half board formula (140 €/pers in supplement), you have 4 diners included in your package (from Day 2 to Day 5).

People transportation

First transfer by taxi on the Day 2 from the hotel in Clermont to Gergovie. 

Luggage transportation 

First taxi transfer on D2 from the hotel in Clermont-Ferrand to Gergovie.
Depending on the option chosen, luggage transport each day from accommodation to accommodation.
If you take the "luggage transport" option, you will have to take an additional night in Clermont-Ferrand on the last day in order to be able to return your luggage on the last day.
1 piece of luggage per person weighing 12 kg maximum. Any surplus may be refused or surcharged by the carriers on site.


Maps and road book for logistical information but also for naturalist and cultural information.

Our price does not include


All the lunches of the stay.  
Drinks and personal extras. For dinners, according to chosen option (with or without half board). In any case, first and last dinners are not included in the price. 


The transport of the Day 1 to get to Clermont Ferrand
ThThe return of the Day 6 to the train station : Longues - Vic the Comte / Clermont Ferrand (approximate price summer 2023 : approx 7 € / person / way: 20 mn / frequency : every hour approximately).


Entrance fees, to sites and museums are not included in the program. 

Registration fees

  • 30 days or more before departure : 12 €/pers.
  • Less than 30 days before departure : 20 €/pers
  • For any tailor-made trip : 30 € + 12 €/pers

Travel insurance

Cancellation, Baggage, Interruption and Repatriation Insurance : 4.90% of the price of your trip.

Practical info


Room for 2 persons in comfortable and warm accommodation (hotels **, lodges or cottages).
Supplements single


Breakfast from Day 2, to breakfast Day 6.
If you take the “half-board” option (extra cost : 140 €/pers), you have 4 diners included (from Day 2 to Day 5).

How to get there

Clermont-Ferrand train station.

Before and after your stay

Contact us if you want to discover our area before or after the trip. We will be happy to make a program suited to your needs or simply to book your accommodation.

Recommended equipment depending on the season

A small backpack containing

  • A hat or cap
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • A rain cape
  • A windbreaker- jacket or better Gore-Tex
  • A small personal first aid kit (aspirin, tape, elastic tape, ...)
  • A water container
  • Plastic bags to wrap your things in case of bad weather

For evenings (indicative)

Warm clothes in winter time
  • Khakis or jogging
  • A flashlight for night
  • A pair of tennis or else for the evening
  • A polar fleece
  • Clothes and various underwear
  • A swimsuit for any swimming
  • Toiletry bag with a towel

To put on

  • A pair of walking shoes and preferably already in use, or for sensitive feet, a good pair of tennis strengthened.
  • A few pairs of socks.

Service / shopping

Day 1 - Clermont Ferrand : All kind of shops 
Day 2 - St Amant : Few shops
Day 3 - Aydat : Grocery, Post, Cash Dispenser or La Cassière : None 
Day 4 - St Saturnin : Bakery, grocery store 
Day 5 - Plauzat :  All shops / Montpeyroux : None
Day 6 - Longues : Few shops
Take care because most shops are closed on sunday. Restaurants can prepare some sandwiches if you call them in advance.