Hiking and Heritage on the Auvergne Volcanoes

Self guided journey 8 days / 7 nights - 6 days hiking
During these 6 days hiking, volcanic landscapes with exceptional characters will seduce you with the intimate beauty they have kept since the early days of their eventful birth. Here, the Chain of Puys and the Sancy are offered to you as an open book, where color and matter combine with the present. The harmony with this contrasting nature is also found in the architecture and the thermal baths of these small villages of Mountain, loaded with stories and legends.

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    Chain of Puys
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    Puy de Dôme
  • Day 1:


    Overnight in hotel

    Arriving in Clermont-Ferrand, you will do the checking at your hotel.
    If you arrive not too late, you can visit the centre of the city with his black cathedral build with lava stone.
    Night at your hotel in Clermont-Ferrand.

  • Day 2:

    Orcines - Pariou - Puy de Dôme - Laschamps

    Night in hotel or guest room / 13.5 km /Walking time 4.30 h / Elevation : +680 m /-550 m

    In the morning, a short transfert by taxi* to the little village of Orcine, where you will start your hike. From Orcines, you join one of the finest cinder cones, the volcano Pariou, aged 8000 years. Then you’re going-up to the top of the Puy de Dome for a 360 ° view over the Puys before continuing to the small village of Lachamps.

    Night at the cottage of Lachamps under the watchful eye of the giant dome.
    (*) : Sundays and holidays, extra cost for taxi fare (see details further down).

  • Day 3:

    Lachamps - Puy de Pourcharet - Orcival

    Night in hotel or guest room / 16 km /Walking time 5 h / Elevation : +350 m /-454 m

    A short climb on the lava flows brings you closer to twin volcanoes of "La Vache" and "Lassolas" among younger cinder cones of this alignment of more than 80 volcanoes ... You descend on the lava flows of the Strombolian volcanoes and continue your way between pastures and hamlets mountains to the small village of Orcival, known for its medieval basilica.
    Night in hotel or guest room.

  • Day 4:

    Orcival - Serviere lake - Chambon lake

    Night in hotel or guest room / 23 km /Walking time 6 h / Elevation : +660 m /-653 m

    In the morning, you join Servière and its small crater lake, nestled in lush lava. Its clear waters invite you to refresh. You continue through the woods until Pessade village then Beaune-le-froid village, known for its Saint Nectaire cheese cellars. From there, by "the leap of Pucelle", you descend to Chambon, a small natural lake formed by the lava flows dam of Puy du Tartaret.
    Night in hotel or guest room in Lake Chambon.

  • Day 5:

    Chambon lake - Saint Nectaire

    Night in hotel or guest room / 11 km /Walking time 4 h / Elevation : +230 m /-390 m

    Today, shorter walk, a bit more cultural too.
    In the morning, you go around the lake Chambon, passing through the village of Le Chambon-sur-Lac, now a little away from the lake because of the sediments carried by the Couze Chaudefour in recent decades. After the Puy de Tartaret, visit the medieval village of Murol, known for its twelfth century castle built on a promontory of basalt.
    In the afternoon, you continue to the village of Saint-Nectaire, famous for its cheese, but also for its beautiful Romanesque church, perched on Mount Cornadore.
    Night in hotel or guest room in Saint Nectaire.

  • Day 6:

    Saint Nectaire - Besse en Chandesse

    Night in hotel or guest room / 14 km /Walking time 5 to 6 h / Elevation : +480 m /-164 m

    Morning through small hamlets and pastures, you ascend the ancient lava flows to reach Saint Victor River. After lunch, you will leave on the landscape full of history and go up on the southern slopes of the massif to reach the small fortified village of Besse en Chandesse.
    Night in hotel or guest room. Enjoy this stage in the heart of a medieval village.

  • Day 7:

    Besse - Top of Sancy (optional) - Le Mont Dore

    Night in hotel or guest room / 20.8 km /Walking time 6 to 7 h / Elevation : +889 m /-850 m

    The mountain is calling you today to climb the peaks of Sancy, the highest point of the Auvergne. From Besse, along the Couze Pavin, you gradually go up by summer pastures. You will walk to the edge of an ancient glacier valley, The Natural Reserve of Chaudefour along the ridges where you will not fail to observe marmots, or more discrete chamois.
    Possibility to climb the top of Sancy : 1:30 more (go and return).
    After the 360 ° panorama, in the descent, you pass by the Great Cascade before arriving at the thermal baths of Mont Dore.
    Night in hotel or guest room in this small spa village.

  • Day 8:

    Le Mont Dore

    End of your stay

    End of services after breakfast.
    Possibility to extend your stay. There is a multitude of hiking around Mont Dore.
    Possibility of returning by train to Clermont-Ferrand from Mont Dore.


The journey can be changed for reasons of safety, weather or unforeseen circumstances. Events beyond our control may change the course: change of accommodation (if the chosen accommodation is full at time of booking), cut roads, rivers in flood, strikes, local festivals ... "Aluna Travel" will always make every effort to provide the best solution, even changing the course.


Walking time or activity                                                                                                                 

Days offer 4 to 7 hours walk per day. 

Consecutive days of hiking

6 days hiking.


Baggage transport according to the chosen option.

Climatic environment

Pleasant mountain climate in between seasons. The evenings are cool.


Hiking average, walking on trails without technical difficulty. Mountain trails, forest roads, very few roads.

Experience required

A sporting activity 1-2 hours per week, walking regularly and 2 months before your departure strengthen high endurance 2 times per week.

Dates & prices

From beginning of May to end of October - Choose your date

2 personns traveling together (B&B)


  • Room for 2 people : 550 €/pers
  • Single room :                860 €/pers

Luggage Transport 

  • Room for 2 people : 710 €/pers
  • Single room :               1025 €/pers

A person traveling alone (B&B)


  • Single room : 920 €/pers

Luggage Transport

  • Single room : 1250 €/pers

3 persons traveling together (B&B)

1 double room + 1 single room


  • Room for 2 people :       545 €/pers
  • 3rd person in single :    795 €/pers

Luggage Transport

  • Room for 2 people :       660 €/pers
  • 3rd person in single :    895 €/pers

The Supplements

Supplement for taxi if the J2 is a Sunday or a public holiday
  • Supplement of 21 €/pers for people traveling together
  • Supplement of 15 €/pers for 3 people traveling together
  • Supplement of 13 €/pers for 4 people traveling together
  • Supplement of 42 €/pers for 1 person traveling alone

Half board formula from day 2 to day 6 (5 dinners) :
Supplement of 150 € / person.

Extra night at Mont Dore (B&B) 
  • Double room : 75 €/pers
  • Single : 135 €/pers

Extra night in Clermont Ferrand (B&B) 
  • Double room : 47 €/pers
  • Single : 80 €/pers

Our price includes


In rooms of 2 persons in Hotel ** or ***, group lodgings, or guest rooms comfortable and warm.
Supplement single if chosen option.


Only breakfasts from the day 2 to the breakfast of the day 8. If you take the half board formula (150 €/pers in supplement), you have 5 dinners included in your package (from D2 to D6).

People transportation

First transfer by taxi on the day 2 from the hotel in Clermont to Orcines.

Luggage transportation 

Depending on the option chosen. Luggage transport every day from accommodation to accommodation if you pay this option.


Maps and road book for logistical information but also for naturalist and cultural information.

Our price does not include


Bus return from Le Mont Dore to Clermont-Ferrand.
Car park in Clermont-Ferrand is about 15 €/day


All the lunches of the stay.  Drinks and personal extras. For dinners, according to chosen option (with or without half board).
In any case, the D1, D7 and D8 dinners are not included in the price.


Entrance fees, to sites and museums are not included in the program.

Registration fees

  • 30 days or more before departure : €12/pers
  • Less than 30 days before departure : 20 €/pers
  • For any tailor-made trip : €30 + €12/pers

Travel insurance

Cancellation, Baggage, Interruption and Repatriation Insurance : 4.90% of the price of your trip.
Practical info


Room for 2 persons in comfortable and warm accommodation (hotels ** or ***, lodges or cottages).
Supplements single


Bed and breakfast from first night on Day 1, to breakfast Day 8.
If you take the “half-board” option (extra 150 €/pers), you have 5 diners included (from Day 2 to Day 6).

How to get there

Clermont-Ferrand train station. 

Before and after your stay

Contact us if you want to discover our area before or after the trip. We will be happy to make a program suited to your needs or simply to book your accommodation.

Recommended equipment

A small backpack containing

  • A hat or cap
  • A pair of sunglasses
  • A rain cape
  • A windbreaker- jacket or better Gore-Tex
  • A small personal first aid kit (aspirin, tape, elastic tape, ...)
  • A water bottle
  • Plastic bags to wrap your things in case of bad weather
  • A camera and a pair of binoculars

For evenings (indicative)

  • Khakis or jogging
  • A flashlight for night
  • A pair of tennis or else for the evening
  • A polar fleece
  • Clothes and various underwear
  • A swimsuit for any swimming
  • Toiletry bag with a towel

To put on

  • A pair of walking shoes and preferably already in use, or for sensitive feet, a good pair of tennis strengthened.
  • A few pairs of socks.

Services / shopping

D1 : Clermont Ferrand : all shops
D2 : Laschamps : none
D3 : Orcival : grocery store, post office, bakery
D4 : Lake Chambon : bakery, grocery store
D5 : St Nectaire; all shops
D6 : Besse : all shops
D7: Mont Dore : all shops