Belle Ile en Mer, Brettany

Self guided hike 7 days / 6 nights
With this hiking, you also live the beauty of this island. From Sarah Bernhardt to the famous painter Claude Monet, all have succumbed to the charms of the most beautiful sentinel of Morbihan! It is the island of great contrasts between the softness of its beaches, small ports and green valleys of the  "inside coast ", the violent beauty of the "wild coast" with imposing cliffs jagged offered to the winds contrasting with the serenity of the peasant images of the interior. This land is as much the work of the ocean as that of the Bellilois.
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  • Day 1:

    Le Palais

    Night in hotel**

    Late afternoon reception in Le Palais.

  • Day 2:

    Le palais-Port an Dro

    Night in hotel**/ 11 Km / Hiking time : 4 h / Elevation : + 300m / -300m

    Hike on the coast "inland" to the tip of Kerdonis to discover its lighthouse located at the eastern end of the island. Numerous fortifications built by Vauban mark out this stage, including "batteries" and "redoubts". During a warm day, possible swimming at the beach of Grands Sables.

  • Day 3:

    Port an Dro- Le Grand Cosquet

    Night in hotel**/ 12 Km / Hiking time : 3 to 4 h / Elevation : + 350m / -300m

    Journey on the east coast of the island. On the way, discovery and stroll in the pretty rural village of Locmaria. From the point of Pouldon, protected site made up of cliffs, arrived until the village of Grand Cosquet, term of this stage.

  • Day 4:

    Le Grand Cosquet - Kervilahouen

    Night in hotel**/ 14 Km / Hiking time : 4 h / Elevation : + 300m / -300m

    First day on the Côte Sauvage, facing the ocean, for a beautiful course between the Pouldon headland and the rocky needles of Port Coton, which became famous after being painted by the impressionist Claude Monnet. Within a warm day, possible swimming at the beach of Herlin.

  • Day 5:

    Port Coton - Port de Ster Vraz

    Night in hotel**/ 14 Km / Hiking time : 4 to 5h / Elevation : + 300m / -300m

    Still on the Côte Sauvage, this day leads to the Vazen hole from where the ocean springs, to the magnificent beach of Donnant to the point of the Old Castle, ornithological reserve, before ending at the creek of Ster Vraz

  • Day 6:

    Port de Ster Vraz - Sauzon

    Night in hotel**/ 11 Km / Hiking time : 4 h / Elevation : + 300m / -300m

    From Ster Vraz Cove, the coastal path leads to Pointe des Poulains. It is famous for its lighthouse that dominates the site and for the fort of Sarah Bernhardt. At the end of the stage, visit the beautiful port of Sauzon which offers landscapes pastel colors.


The program has been drawn up according to the latest information available during its drafting ; Imponderables are always possible and situations beyond our control can modify the process.


Walking or Activity Time

3 to 5 hours of walking per day.
Difference in elevation : from 250 to 350 meters, no special technical difficulties.

Consecutive Days of Activities

7 days.


Backpack 35/40 liters, with flexible reinforcements, which can hold the food of the day, the gourd, a raincoat, the camera ...

Climate environment

Oceanic climate, but South Brittany is soft all year round, thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream. Temperatures can be quite high in summer,
Belle-Ile very often enjoying more sunshine than on the mainland. Hiking takes place between sea level and 70 meters altitude, the highest point of the island is 73 meters above sea level.


Due to its affordable level of difficulty, this gentle hike is for everyone. 3 to 5 hours of walking daily, mainly on the coastal paths, without special difficulties. A few slopes to pass from the bottoms of coves to the top of the cliffs, sometimes steep, but never very long.

Experience Required

Practice a sporting activity 1 to 2 hours a week, walk regularly and 2 months before your departure, reinforce your endurance 2 times a week.
Dates & prices
From April 05 st to September 25 th 2020.

B&B. Price per person. 

Double room (double or twin) : 470 €

Room for 3 : 405 €

Single room : 690 €


Supplements ½ board (except 1 free dinner in the week) : 205 €
Extra night at Le Palais in B & B : Room for 2 people : 70 € / pers
Extra night at Le Palais in B & B : single room : 125 € single

Supplement 1 only participant : 19 €

Our price includes


2 stars Hotel. 


B&B. Half board on request (except 1 free dinner during the week).


The ticket for liner buses on the island.


The Roadmap (documentation for the realization of the hike). A Roadmap is provided by application form

Tourist taxes

From day 1 to day 7

Our price does not include


All the lunches of the stay. All dinners, unless you choose the half board option (1 dinner is at your charge during the week).
Personal Drinks and Extras.


Routing from your home to Quiberon.
The boat trip Quiberon / Le Palais (return)
Possible parking fees in Quiberon


All tours.
Insurance cancellation, luggage, interruption of stay and assistance-repatriation : 3.95% of the price of your trip.
Compulsory registration fee : 15 € per file
Practical info


Hotel ** located directly on the port of Le Palais.
Option : Single supplements.


Half board for the stay, except for a free evening so that you can taste a "Galette" in the restaurant of your choice ...

How to get there

Our stays are specially designed from station to station ; Inviting you to use the least polluting way of transportation. For your pre-journeys by private vehicle, consider car-pooling. Example : http://www.covoiturage.frsitewhere you can look up a listing or drop yours.

If you travel by train

Quiberon train station (July and August only) or Auray on the Paris - Quimper line (Paris - Auray : 3h30).
In the case of an arrival in Auray, bus connection on certain days of the week and depending on the season, between Auray and Quiberon railway station "Port Maria Maritime Station" (1 hour).
Price of the single ticket : + / - 5 € per person (except package, to be paid on the spot).
For more information, contact the bus companies : Coaches Le Bayon to Auray (Tel: 02 97 24 26 20 or Cariane Atlantique (Tel : 02 97 47 29 64).

If you travel by car

Michelin card n ° 230, fold 49.
From Paris : motorway A11-A81 to Rennes, expressway from Rennes to Auray then direction Quiberon by the D768.
Parking in Quiberon is regulated, so we advise you to leave your vehicle on guarded car parks :
  • At the entrance of Quiberon, parking lot of the Semaphore (Tel: 02 97 30 59 45), guarded day and night, count about 40 € per vehicle for a period of 6 to 7 days. This rate allows free access to the shuttle to the ferry terminal (frequency about every 15 min).
  • Parking La Sirène, rue de Kervozes (Tel: 02 97 50 03 37) - parking Sizorn, 36 rue Port Maria (Tel: 02 97 50 06 71).
  • Parking Océan (Tel: 02 97 50 07 58). Map and other parking available at the Tourist Office of Quiberon (Tel: 02 97 50 07 84).

Crossing of Quiberon - Le Palais

The crossing is carried out by Compagnie Océane from the Port Maria ferry terminal in Quiberon. The ferries connect with Le Palais in about 45 minutes.
We advise you to reserve your tickets in advance by telephone at the indigo number : 08 20 05 61 56 or on the website www.compagnie-océ
Depending on the season, allow between 20 and 25 € per person.
Alternatively, on certain days of the week only, you can reach Belle-Île from Port Navalo (1 hour) or Vannes (2 hours 15 minutes) 97 46 60 00 - Website:

Before and after your stay

If you want to stay in Quiberon :
  • Hotel Océan ** - Tel : 02 97 50 07 58, facing the landing stages of Belle-Île.  
  • Hotel des Druides *** - Tel : 02 97 50 14 74 -, 150 meters from the pier of Belle-Île.  
  • For other addresses, consult the tourist office of Quiberon - Tel : 02 97 50 07 84 -
Possibility of extra night in half board in Le Palais, before or after the hike. Please contact us for a reservation.

Documentation provided for this hike

1 IGN map at 1 / 25,000 °
Extracts of 1/25 000 ° maps with the itineraries
Topo-guide (itineraries  day by day)


The circuit that we propose takes mostly the coastal path.


Since 1980, the Conservatoire has acquired four sites in the communes of Sauzon, Locmaria and Bangor.
The sites are : Ster-Vras Apothecary north of the wild coast, the dunes of Donnant further south encircling a harbor, the Pouldon point to the south of the island and the tip of the foals at the northwest end. To date, the Conservatoire has acquired 246 hectares of natural and fragile areas in order to better manage the large numbers of visitors, a threat to plant formations. Many areas are completely exposed and in direct contact with erosion.
Pedestrians are today channeled along marked paths and plantations of colonizing species such as frankenie are realized. On the Donnant dunes, in order to limit erosion and eventually the disappearance of the most fragile parts, defenses and plantations of fixing species are realized. You can find all protection missions and sites of the Conservatoire du Littoral on the website:

Recommended equipment


  • For maximum comfort, choose a "multi layer" clothing system : warm underwear (sticky + jersey)  type "carline" or "capilene" (hollow fibers evacuating sweat) + sweat or fleece jacket + mountain jacket and Overpants with waterproof and breathable membrane ("gore tex" type or equivalent) for bad weather. In general, and outside warm climates and countries, avoid cotton which retains moisture near the body (and dries hard) to the benefit of synthetic materials adapted.
  • Canvas pants - shorts - T-shirts  
  • Several pairs of hiking socks
  • 1 rain cape covering the hiker and the backpack. If you have very technical tracksuits (see above), it is possible to cover only the backpack with a protective bag against the rain. The umbrella is less practical, especially in the event of wind or storm
  • 1 sun hat, the ideal being a Saharan type cap with visor and neck protection 
  • 1 scarf for protection from the sun and / or wind
  • 1 cap and 1 pair of gloves, depending on season and altitude: always have them at the bottom of the bag.

For the evenings (by way of indication)

  • Spare clothing and comfortable shoes  
  • Ear plugs
  • Minimum toiletries + towel + swimsuit
Overall, your clothes must be adapted according to the season and the chosen region.

To shoe

1 pair of hiking shoes (with waterproof and breathable membrane, "gore tex" type or similar) in which you are well! It is necessary to "break" the new shoes before going on hike by wearing them a few weeks ago to avoid the inconvenience of the bulbs and warmings ...

Various equipment

  • 1 (or 2) pair of sunglasses with glasses with a minimum index of 3.
  • 1 large plastic bag to wrap clothes and business in the backpack (in case of heavy rain).
  • 1 bottle, preferably 1 liter isotherm. Drinking is essential in hiking, 2 water containers of 1 to 1.5 liter will not be luxurious in summer and / or in dry and warm regions.
  • 1 folding knife type Swiss knife + cutlery + goblet.
  • 1 bowl type Tupperware with lid for picnics.
  • Toilet paper, handkerchiefs of paper.
  • 1 compass (recommended).
  • 1 pocket to hold your papers and values: passport or identity card, insurance contract, vital card, vaccination certificate, airline tickets, train tickets, credit card, money ...).
  • 1 small personal first aid kit (non-exhaustive list to suit your own medical needs) : sterile pre-cut dressings, local antiseptic for external use (wounds), Elastoplast and / or double skin (blisters), Antalgic type paracetamol, Antidiarrheal and antiseptic Intestinal, antisapsmodic, antihistaminic (allergies), physiological saline or ocular eye drops, light sleeping pill, sunscreen high protection for skin and lips, moisturizing cream (sunburn and burns), cream or spray, Arnica Montana granules 9 CH (muscle aches) ...

To put on

  • 1 pair of light shoes.