Family trips from 6 years old

Adventure and fun adventures for children from the age of 7 : spend the night in the trees, go snowshoeing, hike with a donkey, take part in a treasure hunt in the snow or learn to Build an igloo, ... Let your children learn the school of nature! Aluna invites you to explore or re-explore nature differently, with your children. Here is a selection of unusual stays to live with family for an exceptional holiday : to leave for 3 days of roaming in snowshoes in the volcanoes of Auvergne, to live the life of trapper during a weekend ... each of these stays are a true awakening to nature for the youngest as well as the least young!
  • Family trip in France with Aluna voyages
    France with a donkey
  • family trip in France from 6 years old children 6 ans with Aluna voyages
    Family journey in Auvergne
  • from 6 years old family trip in France
    Auvergne with a donkey
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    Family nature game in Auvergne