The guide of wild edible plants

Guide Book about edible plants : Picking & Recipes of the 4 Seasons

"The Guide of Edible Wild Plants - Picking & Recipes of the 4 Seasons" will show you more than 250 edible and wild plants from our regions.

  • In all, 350 plants cited of which fifty toxic.
  • Nearly 60 recipes and preparations to make at home.
  • Natural pictures and simple descriptions to identify each species.
  • Simple recipes and more elaborate recipes with great chefs, all highlighting the wild plants of our heritage.
  • Cooking tips easy to implement, to realize back picking.

This small guide to edible and toxic wild plants, practical to use in the field, complements the collection "Nature Pratique" by presenting a large number of common plants growing in your nearby environment.

This guide will help you differentiate wild edible plants from toxic ones, will also bring you some anecdotes and information about their virtues :

  • You will discover the nutritional benefits present in these treasures of health that are wild plants.
  • When and where to gather while preserving our environment ?
  • How to use and taste flowers, fruits, salads and wild soups ?

So many flavors, perfumes, colors, to the step of your door ... you will never again see the "weeds" in the same way!

How to buy the wild & edible plants guide ?

Indicative price 2022 : 16,50 € (+ 7.80 € of postage for metropolitan France).
To purchase online, please use our contact form.

Christophe Anglade is also co-author of the book "Edible Plants, Recipes and Seasonal Recipes" (C. Anglade, G.Lalière and C. Leray - Editions Debaisieux).