Educational school stays

Aluna Voyages, which draws its essence from the spirit of nature, is also dedicated to the transmission of values linked to knowledge and respect for the living world.

With a long experience in teaching and conducting school groups for nearly 20 years, Aluna Voyages team will be able to assist you in the development of your educational projects and provide you with concrete answers on the ground.

All these years of programming and supervision of stays in France and abroad, combined with our pedagogical sensitivity will bring a global vision to your educational project.

Our expertise can be expressed in Auvergne, but we can also reveal to you the secrets of more distant lands in order to successfully meet your expectations.

Our teams of professional will make every effort to carry out your school projects.

With us, the educational aspect goes hand in hand with the notion of bodily blooming. Sport as an educational tool is also one of the major elements carried by all our teams. Mountain tour leaders, climbing  guides, mountain bike guides, alpine and nordic ski instructors, all will be attentive and will - thanks to their experience and benevolence - ensure the comfort and security of your stay.

Contact us for any school and hiking holidays : volcanology, knowledge of different natural environments (sea, mountain, forest, river ...), approach and study of our environment : animals, flora, rocks...